Thursday, March 4, 2010

The 1st Week Begins March 7th, 2010

I've no artwork to post yet today, or likely this week, but I feel that having a proper post here is important, even if all I do is define my purpose for beginning this endeavor and establish the writing tone.

For the last several months, or perhaps as long as this last year, I've felt somewhat stagnant and unproductive. I've come to realize, or perhaps merely believe, that one of the great causes of this is that I've been letting my artistic talents languish. I've produced remarkably little since graduating with my Associates Degree in Art, and I wish to remedy that.

To that end, I shall post here on this blog 3 brand new works every week (with certain exceptions as follows: weeks with more than 2 days of military duty, weeks wherein I am ill for more than 3 days, or weeks containing one of the following holidays: Christmas, New Years, or Easter). Seems like a lot of exceptions, right? Well person-I-just-asked-a-rhetorical-question-of, as this is being presented in a public place, and contains my own art and products, potential employers would rightly look here and must know that I am reliable. It is almost inevitable that I should be prevented at some time from posting the self-required 3 works per week, and I shall always endeavor to provide ample cause, with a full post detailing the circumstances if it falls outside the above examples.

Additionally, this will be a learning experience for me, as I experiment with new techniques and styles and post the results of my efforts here. It will give me the power to review my work many months or years hence and see just how far I have (or haven't) advanced, and it will afford that benefit to all other readers as well.