Monday, June 7, 2010

Feeling Like Sergeant Opet...

...or How 5 Minutes with a Marker can Improve Everyone's Morale

We had a bit of a long Battle Assembly (Reserve Drill) weekend this month. A pair of early mornings, coupled with some long drives left a lot of people with some frustration and frayed nerves. To top it off, the drive to the range on Saturday started with SSG Wright being scared half to death.

She's terrified of wasps and bees. The Humvee we were about to drive down just happened to have a nest of those particular insects directly above her seat. Luckily, some good observational skills and quick reaction from a few of the other passengers solved the problem without anyone getting hurt, but it still caused some momentary panic and confusion.

That evening, when we finally had a few free moments, I pulled out a pencil, a marker, and my sketch pad. 5 minutes later I had the little cartoon you see above - just in black and white (I used Photoshop to add the colors). After getting SSG Wright's approval (I wouldn't want to offend her), I showed it around the unit, to good reception. I may just do more of these for drill weekends where events occur that warrant it.


  1. LOL it's funny because it's so true... nice job Sheldon :)

  2. SSG Wright and I have that in common, I think.